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Providing Brighton area youth with the opportunity to play
organized baseball and softball, developing skills and sportsmanship that will accompany them for the rest of their lives


About Brighton Youth Baseball & Softball Program


Brighton Youth Baseball Softball Program (BYBSP) is a non-profit organization for children ages 8u - 18u to have an opportunity to play travel ball.

BYBSP  is a competitive program that allows for weekend family time outside of baseball/ softball throughout the year. Average number of tournaments is 3-5/year depending on the team. Teams will play in the KVBSA or WWCL league. The program is REASONABLY priced, including uniforms and training time (some teams will also play some additional tournaments for a nominal fee).

On behalf of Brighton Youth Baseball and Softball Program, we would like to welcome you to BYBSP’s travel program and let you know we are looking forward to another great season. Without the dedication and hard work from our players, coaches and parents, this organization would not be where it its today. We have seen many team and individual accomplishments and some of our players are now playing in the collegiate ranks. The goals of BYBSP is to continue to grow each season through player development, facilities, training and overall competition.


Upcoming Events

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